I hurt, I find

by Anthony Sweet

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released February 24, 2014

I woud like to thank the very talented Christina Von Schindler for the beautiful artwork...such a gift to us.
And dear Bob and Mike...thank you for opening up your home for me to record in.


all rights reserved



Anthony Sweet St. Catharines, Ontario

I'd like to welcome you here...to pause with me...to be here in this moment...in this special moment of being. Allow yourself to be here. For this is the moment that you and I are truly awake, alive.
May we be an encouragement to one another, for though our paths look very different we are still all human and we need to try and bring out the Divine spark in one another...let's be in kindness.
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Track Name: The Getaway
I've walked and I've danced
and I'll die as well
I've heard your song
passing by your gates
and I think i'm lost i've turned away
but my minds just to preoccupied with nothing
and I've gone and made my getaway
but I've gone astray and this silence is telling me something
I'm washed and i'm dressed
and I'll play my part
and I will spit and i will choke
but remain the same
Track Name: Lift Each Other
let's choose to love, love, love
our brothers and our sisters
we are the same, flesh and blood
and you say how
well let's give of our time
and you say how
well let's let our smiles shine
and maybe then, maybe then
we will lift eachother to the light
let's choose to hold
eachothers dreams with gentleness
we are together on this road
and we say come
there's room by my side
and we say come
oh be brave do not hide and take my hand
and lift me up
Track Name: Be Found
Though the night closes around you
though the doors remain closed to you
and no light shines upon you
don't let your heart be burdened by their threats
don't you go where we can't follow
do you hear
do you care
will i one day walk in freedom
is there more than pain and struggle
do you hear
do you care
please bring a beam of sunlight
let your peace spill forth from your fountain
and I, may I be found in your love
The answers we seek
hidden from us
kept from us for unknown reasons
our cries for help bouncing off the ceiling
we retreat in deeper while the pain grows stronger
don't you go where we can't follow
Track Name: The Bell
I want to tell you that i love you
and with what i say I don't really mean to hurt you
I just can't go on like this anymore
cause i'm dying on the inside
yes at times the sun is shining somewhere up above
but where I've ben walking it has ceased to long ago
So I will turn and reach for you
and I will turn them down that crazy crowd and I will run to you
maybe just maybe there'll be peace for me there
in your arms i'll find refuge
Then the battle that rages in me might cease to be
Then the battle in me might cease to be
cause I, I fear I'm disappearing I'm digging my own grave
and no, no, no bell will save me only one option remains
Even if I fall from your grace
Track Name: Taking my time
I'm taking my time
I'm taking my time
no longer running down the road
to better this or better that
I'm taking my time
For the grass is a lovely shade of green
right under my feet
and oh, it feels so good right under my feet
I'm taking my time
I'm taking my time
no longer stepping on your hands
or bowing to your high demands
I'm taking my time
and there's room right here, right next to me
come feel the earth, remember the sun
it feels so good.
Track Name: She's Fallen
So please tell me where is love
she's broken hearted, she's fallen, she's bleeding
and I stand with my eyes closed
to the horrors you go through
when will your footsteps be heard again
when will your presence grace this land
only when corrections made, only when
only when corrections made
only when true love's sustained inside of me
I want to hear your tender words
I want to hear you
resonating inside my soul
and I choose to give myself to your control
once again
only then can I be real
Track Name: Elephant
Stand in the light
show your teeth
jump through the fire for the crowds
then you'll be tied, immobilized
only for 95 percent of the time
but don't step out of line
don't step on his toes
you'll be warned, you'll be hit
you will bleed, but it's all for the show
forced to do tricks every night
don't stray for we know where you sleep
no, no, no mistakes
watch your back
or we'll add one more stripe where it hurts
elephant memory has no where to go
for the circus has gone on without you
Track Name: You are with me now
You are with me now
you are with me now
within this sacred moment
I feel your arms around me
I give my fear and worry to you now
for you're big enough
and here with you
this is my soul's home
Track Name: Zephyr
riding down the highway
the pumpkins on fire tonight
gazing at the light
as the sun turns it in for the night
here's the west wind
time to ride the zephyr
jump on brother
time to ride the zephyr
blazing for the 3rd time
my mind is being sung a lullaby
passing those grain filled churches
inside there is no space so we pass by
Track Name: The Wind and her Voices
I've been drifting
I've been drifting for days
going nowhere
driven by the waves
driven mad by the wind and her voices
The blind they come
they come for me
they want to feed on me
and they don't want my company
if only we could see
But only blue
forever blue
Only blue
Track Name: within me
God around me
God within me
There's nothing I need to fear
Just remember, remember
that you are here
Track Name: Free to be with you
I was so afraid to love
I was so afraid to love
then you came to the door of my heart
and my chains fell off
Now I am free
free to be with you
with you my love

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